Tuesday, March 31, 2015

 So this week has been crazy! I have learned more Spanish in the last two weeks than any of my family has learned their whole lifetime.. combined! Haha, minus Grandpa Whatley! My brain feels like there are a bunch of mini Latinos running around in there, screaming " QUE EN EL MUNDO",  that's my favorite Spanish phrase! I say it like a bazillion and one times a day! This week I had my first breakdown, I came out of a fake investigator meeting and stared hysterically laughing and the next thing I know I was crying, it was funny! Well, not in the moment, but its funny to look back now because my companion was like, "do you need a hug!?... never mind I can't give you one! I will start crying!" It was bien! I have a pretty light watch tan line!! #missionarygoals! haha. Oh, also I'm pretty sure I have tried 5 types of the 3,000 types of potatoes so I'm going strong!! At this rate I will probably be consuming more potatoes than Sam from the Lord of the Rings (Jeff Bergeson:¨"the fat one likes the taters!")  Man all is well here!! The Peruvians have an accent they say their "y" with a "j" sound like  "Yo soy" they say "joe soy" it is awesome!! They also say "okee I'mma gong to tell jew a yoke!" hahaha, they can't say joke at all.  We try to help them out with their English in return for them helping us with Spanish!!! A few of the elders down here have told me that I remind them of Hammy from "Over the Hedge"' which I thought was hilarious because I got that all the time in high school... so I look like a squirrel, jk idk.  They think I'm crazy!  Oh!!! Every Sunday we hold a "Reaping",  every missionary has to prepare a four minute talk and then after sacrament the branch president calls four names!! If he calls your name you have to give your talk in Spanish!!!  It's like the hunger games! I'm living in the hunger games, here in Peru! Pray for me! jk! I have heard some amazing missionary devotionals and on the spiritual side I am growing more than ever. The church is true and if any of y'all are craving a great book to read.. the Book of Mormon is my favorite and best so far! I love you all. I can feel your prayers. Take care!!!
Love Hermana Bergeson!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

First Week in Peru!

Okay I have 17 minutes!!! So Peru! Lima Peru is Reno Nevada meets zombie apocalypse and that is my final description, haha, jk! I love it here!! I SAW A LLAMA! Did I really say that!? I don't know it was just really exciting! So the MTC here is the MTC that allows missionaries to go out once a week on p-day so that is so nice! The people here are adorable and we are all seeing eye to eye, literally. Monday we went to get visas and my companion and I talked to two different men. One of them kissed us!! I was like dahhh!!!! Haha, but its how they say good bye and it was on the cheek. You know what they say; when in Peru do what the Peruvians do, haha! The food here is papas ans arroz!! There are a lot of vegetables here at the MTC so that's nice. When I got here the first thing I heard was that they didn't have peanut butter and I was like WHAT!!!! I had a mini freak out.. but today I went to the store and found some!!! It was the last jar!!!!!! It was fantastic, it is already like 1/3 of the way gone and it was just opened like 40 minutes ago, lol. I love the classes here, the teachers are Latinos so they don't really know how to communicate with us. We are pretty much chickens with our heads cut off haha, but I mean that nicely!! Can that be said nicely?! All good things, all good things. The MTC only has like 80 missionaries so I know everyone pretty much, but every two week we get a new group of Latinos and a new group of white people, haha. I LOVE MY COMPANION! She is the greatest!! The Lord has blessed me in so many ways!! The water here is always warm! I crave cold water all the time!! EVERYONE GO DRINK COLD WATER FOR ME RIGHT NOW!!! Haha, jk, but please thank the Lord for cold water because it is a blessing!! There is this fruit here called a Granadilla, it is like a light yellow orange pomegranate but inside as you peel it a grey mushy alien-brain thing is exposed and you slurp it out!! It taste like a mushy pomegranate!! I love it here, I hope all is well with all of y'all!!! Know that I am having the time of my life! The church is true! Remember to make good choices and I will try to manage my time better on the computer so that I can have more time to email.... I need like a computer class because I am so not tech savvy!!! Spanish is going well, I have learned so much Spanish and I have forgot a lot of English already!! dahhh I have 7 minutes... gosh there is a timer on the computer and it makes me freak out, lol. We have handed out a lot of Book of Mormons already! The work is moving fast. I have to write my mom again, because I love her, haha so I have to cut it short! I love you all. PEACE AND BLESSINGS Love Herman Bgeson!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Upon arrival at the Lima Peru Airport

I'm here safe in Lima Peru.  So Peru! it looks like I'm living in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare map, Favela!! Ask Tovyn or Hayden they will know, haha, also feels like its kind of like an abandon apocalyptic town! But I don't mean that offensively, that's just what it looks like at 2 in the morning... I got to the MTC at 2 in the morning last night. It is very humid here but overcast. The other sisters that I met up with are so so sweet. Only one knows Spanish so I have been blessed with companions that are on my level. Breakfast here was quinoa in pineapple juice and water...I didn't eat it, I had one egg instead. (That surprised Mom, because Brynn likes quinoa) The plane ride here was soo long! Six hours! I was on a plane with three rows!! I have never been on that big of a plane before!! I sat in the very middle of the middle row!! haha I felt like I was in a movie because I was this little white girl in between a big Peruvian man and a Japanese man. They both spoke Spanish. My feet got kind of swollen from sitting too long, but all is well.
I'm very excited and very happy!!!!   Love Hermana Bergeson

Brynn's Farewell was Sunday March 8th. These are a few excerpts from her talk.

"Let me give you a few facts about my mission. So I have been called to serve for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints in the Lima Peru East Mission. Lima is the capital of Peru and is the largest city in the country. With a population of 9 million around the area making it the fifth largest city in South America. Lima is the second largest desert capital city after Cairo Egypt... The Church is very well established in the city of Lima and is one of the dominant religions. There is also a temple in Lima Peru. Another fun fact about Peru is that they are known for their potatoes. Potatoes originated in Peru and there are over 3,000 different varieties there.... I thought I was done with potatoes for a little while when I came home from school... The average male height in Peru is around 5’4”.. and I’m 5’3” and 3/8... so there is a little bit of common ground."

...And the an amazing talk on Faith...

"I am very excited to go out and serve the people of Lima but there have been a few times when I have woken up in the middle of the night anxious about leaving. At those times I let doubt and fear sway me. I thought why would I want to go out to a foreign country and learn a language I purposefully avoided learning in high school. No one would be able to relate to me down there. I could be doing so much more staying in school and having fun with my friends going about my life in Idaho. Eating Idaho potatoes instead of Peruvian potatoes. However, shortly after each panic episode, the spirit helped me to recognize that these thoughts of doubt were not from my loving Heavenly Father or Savior. Joshua 1:9 states, “Be strong and of good courage be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest.” I know that serving a mission will not be easy but it will be worth it to bring the gospel to his children in Lima Peru. I know at times when I feel alone I need to remember that I am never alone. Through faith in Jesus Christ I know that he will always have his arms stretched out towards me and all I need to do is come unto Him. Living the gospel brings me such joy and happiness and I am so excited to reach out to others so they may feel that too. "

Later that evening we had an Open House for Brynn.  Thank you for all those who came and sent her off with hugs, kisses and words of encouragement. We are truly blessed with wonderful family and friends!