Tuesday, March 31, 2015

 So this week has been crazy! I have learned more Spanish in the last two weeks than any of my family has learned their whole lifetime.. combined! Haha, minus Grandpa Whatley! My brain feels like there are a bunch of mini Latinos running around in there, screaming " QUE EN EL MUNDO",  that's my favorite Spanish phrase! I say it like a bazillion and one times a day! This week I had my first breakdown, I came out of a fake investigator meeting and stared hysterically laughing and the next thing I know I was crying, it was funny! Well, not in the moment, but its funny to look back now because my companion was like, "do you need a hug!?... never mind I can't give you one! I will start crying!" It was bien! I have a pretty light watch tan line!! #missionarygoals! haha. Oh, also I'm pretty sure I have tried 5 types of the 3,000 types of potatoes so I'm going strong!! At this rate I will probably be consuming more potatoes than Sam from the Lord of the Rings (Jeff Bergeson:¨"the fat one likes the taters!")  Man all is well here!! The Peruvians have an accent they say their "y" with a "j" sound like  "Yo soy" they say "joe soy" it is awesome!! They also say "okee I'mma gong to tell jew a yoke!" hahaha, they can't say joke at all.  We try to help them out with their English in return for them helping us with Spanish!!! A few of the elders down here have told me that I remind them of Hammy from "Over the Hedge"' which I thought was hilarious because I got that all the time in high school... so I look like a squirrel, jk idk.  They think I'm crazy!  Oh!!! Every Sunday we hold a "Reaping",  every missionary has to prepare a four minute talk and then after sacrament the branch president calls four names!! If he calls your name you have to give your talk in Spanish!!!  It's like the hunger games! I'm living in the hunger games, here in Peru! Pray for me! jk! I have heard some amazing missionary devotionals and on the spiritual side I am growing more than ever. The church is true and if any of y'all are craving a great book to read.. the Book of Mormon is my favorite and best so far! I love you all. I can feel your prayers. Take care!!!
Love Hermana Bergeson!

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