Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Upon arrival at the Lima Peru Airport

I'm here safe in Lima Peru.  So Peru! it looks like I'm living in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare map, Favela!! Ask Tovyn or Hayden they will know, haha, also feels like its kind of like an abandon apocalyptic town! But I don't mean that offensively, that's just what it looks like at 2 in the morning... I got to the MTC at 2 in the morning last night. It is very humid here but overcast. The other sisters that I met up with are so so sweet. Only one knows Spanish so I have been blessed with companions that are on my level. Breakfast here was quinoa in pineapple juice and water...I didn't eat it, I had one egg instead. (That surprised Mom, because Brynn likes quinoa) The plane ride here was soo long! Six hours! I was on a plane with three rows!! I have never been on that big of a plane before!! I sat in the very middle of the middle row!! haha I felt like I was in a movie because I was this little white girl in between a big Peruvian man and a Japanese man. They both spoke Spanish. My feet got kind of swollen from sitting too long, but all is well.
I'm very excited and very happy!!!!   Love Hermana Bergeson

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