Sunday, March 22, 2015

First Week in Peru!

Okay I have 17 minutes!!! So Peru! Lima Peru is Reno Nevada meets zombie apocalypse and that is my final description, haha, jk! I love it here!! I SAW A LLAMA! Did I really say that!? I don't know it was just really exciting! So the MTC here is the MTC that allows missionaries to go out once a week on p-day so that is so nice! The people here are adorable and we are all seeing eye to eye, literally. Monday we went to get visas and my companion and I talked to two different men. One of them kissed us!! I was like dahhh!!!! Haha, but its how they say good bye and it was on the cheek. You know what they say; when in Peru do what the Peruvians do, haha! The food here is papas ans arroz!! There are a lot of vegetables here at the MTC so that's nice. When I got here the first thing I heard was that they didn't have peanut butter and I was like WHAT!!!! I had a mini freak out.. but today I went to the store and found some!!! It was the last jar!!!!!! It was fantastic, it is already like 1/3 of the way gone and it was just opened like 40 minutes ago, lol. I love the classes here, the teachers are Latinos so they don't really know how to communicate with us. We are pretty much chickens with our heads cut off haha, but I mean that nicely!! Can that be said nicely?! All good things, all good things. The MTC only has like 80 missionaries so I know everyone pretty much, but every two week we get a new group of Latinos and a new group of white people, haha. I LOVE MY COMPANION! She is the greatest!! The Lord has blessed me in so many ways!! The water here is always warm! I crave cold water all the time!! EVERYONE GO DRINK COLD WATER FOR ME RIGHT NOW!!! Haha, jk, but please thank the Lord for cold water because it is a blessing!! There is this fruit here called a Granadilla, it is like a light yellow orange pomegranate but inside as you peel it a grey mushy alien-brain thing is exposed and you slurp it out!! It taste like a mushy pomegranate!! I love it here, I hope all is well with all of y'all!!! Know that I am having the time of my life! The church is true! Remember to make good choices and I will try to manage my time better on the computer so that I can have more time to email.... I need like a computer class because I am so not tech savvy!!! Spanish is going well, I have learned so much Spanish and I have forgot a lot of English already!! dahhh I have 7 minutes... gosh there is a timer on the computer and it makes me freak out, lol. We have handed out a lot of Book of Mormons already! The work is moving fast. I have to write my mom again, because I love her, haha so I have to cut it short! I love you all. PEACE AND BLESSINGS Love Herman Bgeson!

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