Tuesday, April 28, 2015

 So much has happened in these past 5 days!! I feel like I have been here forever!! The mornings have been so hard for me. I feel so homesick and I look at the photos of my family and friends that I posted on my wall... at night I feel so happy to be here and going home is the last thing I want to do... this past Sunday I took down all my photos and replaced them with pictures of the Savior, and oh my goodness, it has helped so much. I moved my photos of  friends and family to the side wall so that they aren't my main focus when I first wake up, but they help me later in the day, once I get my focus on the Savior.  Don't get the wrong impression, keep sending photos to me (:   Lets see.. so I am very quiet becasue my companion and no one else, knows English and that has been pretty different. I want to say hard, but compared to all the hard things others have to endure my "hard" is close to a bucket of Jack squat, hahaha (Dad, I hope you laughed at that). I love you all so much! I miss the most; reciting movie quotes and having someone understand them, haha.  I tell my companion them anyway and then try to explain them in spanglish and she eventually, after hand gestures and my facial expressions, sorta gets it. I am very greatful for my facial expressions because without them I would not be able to relate to the people at all, lol. All of the youth whenever they see me say "Hermana Hermana! MINION!" hahaaha I made the mistake of doing Dispicable Me minion expressions and voices, hahah!! THATS ALL THEY WANT ME FOR! haahah,jk. But seriously they think my voices are hilarious!  Hermana Tocconi, my companion, is from Argentina. She is gorgeous and that is how I knew she was from Argentina.. All Argentinians are goregous.. Just like Jennifer Lopes becasue she is from Argentina... (NOT! haha, idk where she is from but it ain't Argentina) but you get the point.  She has been out for 14 months and I am the first missionary she has ever trained, so she hasn't had the need for much English. We have so much fun together though,  I taught her how to say " just another day in paradise!!" and "Thats the Bees-Knees!" and " Honey I'm home!" we recite each phrase daily!  Aren't I the best English teacher? (;
        I love the hours I have for scripture study.  I am learning so much about the Savior and the prophets. I don't have any of the scriptures with me (not sure what she means by that, because she has two set of scriptures with her!) but I promise you all that I am growing so much spiritually!
        So I have learned to embrace the filth, haha, I'm pretty sure I will permanently have dirt in my hair for the rest of my life! In our apartment everything inside has a layer of dirt on top of a layer of dirt. DIRT on Dirt!! It's the bees knees! Oh, all the Latinos say .. "Lo Maximos" and " AHHH_YAHHH", its hilarious. I am surrounded by the most loving people ever. I love them all so much!! I had my first baptism, Elisban! He is 22, it was awesome!! Oh, by the way, I've learned to cope without a toilet seat!  Love you so much!!  Hermana Bergeson

Hermana Tocconi and Hermana Bergeson at Elisban's baptism.

Look Mom! We match!

I am in the field! My companion is beautiful!  I only have twenty minutes and the computers here are sketchy!!! I am in a very poor area and I don't have a toilet seat!!! There is so much to say! I am excited to be out in the field, finally!  My companion doesn't know much English so it is kind of hard to communicate, there is a lot of silence. There are so many dogs here, oh my goodness! Good thing I have that dog spray mom!  I am only allowed 30 dollars each month and I can't spend my own personal money so it will be very different and hard to scrap by, with paying for computer minutes and food. But all is well!  I have a pensinita who cooks every meal for me and that is so sweet. Goodness this keyboard is missing half it's keys! lol So I have no idea what letters I'm hitting, life is great!! (I had so much spelling corrections to do on this email because of the missing keys!) 
     I miss Hermana Barlow already, it was like a part of my heart was given away and when I said goodbye to my elders it felt like I was saying goodbye to all my sons at once! haha. I have grown a lot in the last few days... spiritually and with all the food from the MTC, lol! I was trying to eat as much as I could because I wouldn't know my living conditions. I am trying not to think about going to bed tonight because I do not want nor do I know how to check for bed bugs. I don't have sheets, my pillow is a wadded up t-shirt filled with cotton balls or at least that's what it looks, lol! I'm also worried about having know toilet seat... we all know that I can't squat, haha, goodness first world problems! I'm totally good though, I'm just messing with ya! The work is great. God will protect me and He keeps on showing me tender mercies that only I can catch and are specific to me!
Love your Hermana
  This is my Mission President.  President Boswell and his 
  wife, Sister Boswell. They are wonderful!
This is one of Brynn's last days with Herman Barlow at the Missionary Training Center in Lima Peru
When Brynn said there were all kinds of potatoes; She wasn't kidding!

Hermana Bergeson and Hermana Barlow, looks like the suns a little bright, but what beautiful smiles:)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

     Oh so muddy buddies last week were so much fun!! All of the Latino cooks gathered around me while I made them and they were like "You put peeeenut butter with chocolate!?" and I was like, "YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR!!!" They think it is such a weird combination! They loved trying it though and this week Hermana Ganzalez (our mission presidents wife) insited that we all make choclate chip cookies with her in here apartment today!! (new weekly tradition?)   They have killer birds here! Honestly a new bird is dead everyday and I'm pretty sure one of these days I'm going to walk outside and see an Elder getting attacked... I guess its a good thing we have some trios..just in case that happens, haha jk! (struck by lightening)  Oh! my smile is getting whiter which is weird... I think its Gods way of telling me I need to smile more...not that I don't smile because I do... SMILING IS THE ONLY THING THAT THE LATINOS UNDERSTAND FROM ME...#stepyourgameup.    Oh so here in the CCM (MTC) I make lists... I have a list of " you know your in the MTC when..." and my Latino teacher found it and thought it was funny so, he took it!!  He gave it back after taking a picture of it so I need to send you a pic of it (mom will post the list when I get it; I've seen her list before and they are funny!)  I'm glad that you all enjoy my emails! (Does Dougle read my emails!? I hope he does!!) I live to make Dad and Dougle laugh!  
      Everyday I wake up and think " I don't want to learn Spanish" but then I say "SLAP! SLAP!" and mentally slap myself in the face and say " I LOVE LEARNING SPANISH!" It works!! I'm getting the hang of it!! I can understand a lot of Spanish when it is spoken!  Carlos A. Godoy came and spoke at a devotional, he is hilarious!! All of the gringos (that's what us "white kids" are called) had to wear headphones. It just is funny to me that we have to wear these huge old fashioned headphones...try to picture it and make it a funny mental image because that is how it is. I played gringo soccer for the first time this week. The elders will not stop begging Hermana Barlow and I to play with them. We run everyday but we figured we would just join them. I am so glad that Latinos know how to play football because the talent is definitely not found in the gringo elders (bless their hearts) haha. I played for exactly ten minutes before running again. Please send more pictures everybody, I can't get enough! I miss oatmeal.  What does oatmeal even taste like anymore!!? They have this different liquid mush here. It is pretty good if I dump the whole salt shaker into it (;  Everyone is starting to notice how much salt I consume so it's a good thing I leave this week!  Oh popcorn!!  I found popcorn at the store and oh my goodness, God does love the Peruvians for letting them have it in their stores!! There is just so much I want to give these people! I feel like I am one of them and then I look down at my skin and I'm like, "DANG IT"!  Also I am taller then most of the Latino hermanas (; Okay I have to get going but I love you all so much! Take care!!!!!
Love Hermana Bergeson!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hermana Bergeson and Hermana Barlow in front of the Lima Peru Temple

          Another week in the mission...full of wonderful things!
Oh my goodness so to begin with,  that is so adorable Mom, how you said Maureen came over and helped with the blog and it was like the blind leading the blind. I laughed out loud so hard!! (But together Maureen and I got the pictures posted!) This week has been amazing. I can feel all of your prayers, it is so crazy. It is like a sixth sense, Hayden was right, he said that being set apart you get these senses that you don't have normally. 
      Easter was great. Our Easter Egg Hunt was so fun. The Elders loved it and I bet their moms would smile to think that they got to do something festive. The food here is good, it is Peruvian, but great. They have really good soup. I have no idea how many calories I consume, haha, but we have a saying down here "YOMO", you only mission once!  I leave the MTC April 21.  I have a ton of mail for everyone but I can't send it until I get out of the MTC. 
      I LOVED CONFERENCE! Can I just say that God knows all!! There were some talks that I couldn't believe how specific they were to the answers I needed to hear. My favorite talk was Dale G.Relund's, how he quoted Nelson Mandela, something like "I am no saint unless a saint happens to be a sinner that keeps on trying" and then he shared a Shakespeare story about a brother  who said " Twas I; but 'tis not I" and I really liked Elder Bednar's talk and the one by Willford W. Anderson about music and dancing! I loved it! So good.  My  goodness I am just so grateful. Like Nephi says in 2 Nephi 4, "God hath filled  me with His love even until the consuming of my flesh ... haha, my flesh is fine. lol! But man, my heart is so full(: 
       So Hermana Barlow had a far fetched idea to ask the presidents wife if we could have a cooking session on p-day (today) and make muddy buddies! She said "Yes yes of course" and I was like wow! Really!? I asked her, "Do you know what muddy buddies are?" and she was like " Nope!" It reminded me of when Olaf said that in frozen, I laughed out loud!  Anyways so today we are going to have a muddy buddy party! I feel like I'm bring things to the MTC that have never been done #hipsterofperu, haha, it's so fun. Elder Dahlin and I have been able to have a teacher from the MTC who is in his stake send letters back and forth between us, it is so much fun receiving actual mail! I'm grateful to have a friend down here, it really does make things easier. I met my mission president and his wife on Saturday . They came to watch conference in English. They are the cutest ever!! As soon as I saw my mission presidents wife I thought "mom" and gave her a hug *mission life complete* I miss hugs! It's hilarious because I'm not a huggy person and neither is my companion and we flat out just told each other, it was hilarious! But I miss hugs. *Air hug to all my home skillets back in America*  
     There was an earthquake last Wednesday!  There is supposed to be a bigger one this week. End of the world?  I told you dad that the mud slides were far from me... plot twist... I just found out that they were in my mission. Not too many people were hurt, but not everyone was fortunate.  
      On Easter Hermana Barlow and I wore the bunny ears:)  The next day a kitchen staff       ( her name is Sandy, she is adorable) came up to me and said, "Yesterday me friend told me dat you and your sister were dressed up like play boy bunnies?" I almost died!!!  NO SANDY, I WAS NOT DRESSED LIKE A PLAY BOY BUNNY!!! My goodness it took me forever to tell her that Americans believe in a bunny that comes to your house in the night to leave you a basket of candy and eggs, lol.  Hermana Barlow and I were assigned to be the Sister Leaders of the MTC!" So that is exciting!  I hope that I can be a good example to all the others. My Spanish is coming a long slowly but surely, it is funny because we have learned so much but only gospel stuff.  So when we go out on p-days to shop we don't know how to really hold a regular conversation all we say is "ohhh si si bien oh ..." it is hilarious. The people down here are wonderful.  I love you all and take care.
Love your, Hermana Bergeson!!

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Brynn's district and a district that arrived a week later.  All enjoying the spoils if the Easter Egg Hunt!

Monday, April 6, 2015

 I brought Easter to the MTC :)  We are having an Easter Egg Hunt with paper cut out eggs.

First I am so excited for conference!! 

      So I won't be able to attend the Lima Peru temple while I'm here in the MTC. The temple is closed for the exact 6 weeks that I am here! So that's sad. On fast Sunday I heard some talks and watched an old devotional from a while ago with Elder Holland and he said "missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation is not easy. Why would it EVER be easier for you if it was NEVER easy for Him¨".  I know I belong here. I  do better when I forget myself; which is the whole purpose of this mission. This mission is not mine. This mission is God´s through me. I am the instrument. :)
      Easter is this Sunday and no one down here celebrates Easter!  So me being me, I asked the president's wife if I could put together an Easter egg hunt on p-day! She said yes so I told my companion my ideas. We went to the store today and bought construction paper and hard candies. We cut out egg shapes and taped the candy to it! My companion and I are the only hermanas in our district. We sometimes feel like the elder's moms!
      I want to tell Kristin "Happy Birthday!!!!" I know it is a little early but I'd rather be early then a day late!!!  TOVYN GET BACK ON THE PIANO AND DON'T STOP PLAYING! I wish I never stopped playing piano. Tovyn you have a natural gift for the piano, we all have seen it by the way you move to the music, so you need to get back into lessons, okay! Promise! 
     We played volleyball with the Latinos this week and it was hilarious because they just think its football with an elevated net in the middle, so funny!   No one follows any rules!
      I have had a hard week...the song "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" has these lyrics that I love. The last verse and the last sentence says something like.... "prone to wander Lord I feel it..prone to leave the God I love, here's my heart so take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above"... Just like this song, dad and mom, I have left to embark in the service of God. I know this is were I need to be. I have wandered far from home and I have left you with my heart so take and seal it for me! :)  I am beyond thankful for your support and your emails. Please let everyone know I am doing well! I love you all. I get to watch "Meet the Mormons" this Saturday! Last Sunday I got to watch "17 Miracles"!  I also got to hear "Glorious" by David Archuletta!  Kelli, you know how much we love that song! It made me think of you and me getting ready for church all the time or just playing it to distract each other from our homework  and remember when we got to see "Meet the Mormons" together in the theater!    Jenna Zmrzel if you are reading this forgive me, I didn't have time to respond individually to any body! Tay, Livi, Haley, Cat; all my home skillits, haha, I love you all, I'm sorry, I will write you all next week!!!
Love Hermana Bergeson!

Pictures have arrived!

All the gang having fun!
The sisters serving with Brynn. Such cute girls!

Hermana Bergeson with her companion Hermana Barlow

Obviously not all work; Time for a little fun!