Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I am in the field! My companion is beautiful!  I only have twenty minutes and the computers here are sketchy!!! I am in a very poor area and I don't have a toilet seat!!! There is so much to say! I am excited to be out in the field, finally!  My companion doesn't know much English so it is kind of hard to communicate, there is a lot of silence. There are so many dogs here, oh my goodness! Good thing I have that dog spray mom!  I am only allowed 30 dollars each month and I can't spend my own personal money so it will be very different and hard to scrap by, with paying for computer minutes and food. But all is well!  I have a pensinita who cooks every meal for me and that is so sweet. Goodness this keyboard is missing half it's keys! lol So I have no idea what letters I'm hitting, life is great!! (I had so much spelling corrections to do on this email because of the missing keys!) 
     I miss Hermana Barlow already, it was like a part of my heart was given away and when I said goodbye to my elders it felt like I was saying goodbye to all my sons at once! haha. I have grown a lot in the last few days... spiritually and with all the food from the MTC, lol! I was trying to eat as much as I could because I wouldn't know my living conditions. I am trying not to think about going to bed tonight because I do not want nor do I know how to check for bed bugs. I don't have sheets, my pillow is a wadded up t-shirt filled with cotton balls or at least that's what it looks, lol! I'm also worried about having know toilet seat... we all know that I can't squat, haha, goodness first world problems! I'm totally good though, I'm just messing with ya! The work is great. God will protect me and He keeps on showing me tender mercies that only I can catch and are specific to me!
Love your Hermana
  This is my Mission President.  President Boswell and his 
  wife, Sister Boswell. They are wonderful!

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