Sunday, April 12, 2015

          Another week in the mission...full of wonderful things!
Oh my goodness so to begin with,  that is so adorable Mom, how you said Maureen came over and helped with the blog and it was like the blind leading the blind. I laughed out loud so hard!! (But together Maureen and I got the pictures posted!) This week has been amazing. I can feel all of your prayers, it is so crazy. It is like a sixth sense, Hayden was right, he said that being set apart you get these senses that you don't have normally. 
      Easter was great. Our Easter Egg Hunt was so fun. The Elders loved it and I bet their moms would smile to think that they got to do something festive. The food here is good, it is Peruvian, but great. They have really good soup. I have no idea how many calories I consume, haha, but we have a saying down here "YOMO", you only mission once!  I leave the MTC April 21.  I have a ton of mail for everyone but I can't send it until I get out of the MTC. 
      I LOVED CONFERENCE! Can I just say that God knows all!! There were some talks that I couldn't believe how specific they were to the answers I needed to hear. My favorite talk was Dale G.Relund's, how he quoted Nelson Mandela, something like "I am no saint unless a saint happens to be a sinner that keeps on trying" and then he shared a Shakespeare story about a brother  who said " Twas I; but 'tis not I" and I really liked Elder Bednar's talk and the one by Willford W. Anderson about music and dancing! I loved it! So good.  My  goodness I am just so grateful. Like Nephi says in 2 Nephi 4, "God hath filled  me with His love even until the consuming of my flesh ... haha, my flesh is fine. lol! But man, my heart is so full(: 
       So Hermana Barlow had a far fetched idea to ask the presidents wife if we could have a cooking session on p-day (today) and make muddy buddies! She said "Yes yes of course" and I was like wow! Really!? I asked her, "Do you know what muddy buddies are?" and she was like " Nope!" It reminded me of when Olaf said that in frozen, I laughed out loud!  Anyways so today we are going to have a muddy buddy party! I feel like I'm bring things to the MTC that have never been done #hipsterofperu, haha, it's so fun. Elder Dahlin and I have been able to have a teacher from the MTC who is in his stake send letters back and forth between us, it is so much fun receiving actual mail! I'm grateful to have a friend down here, it really does make things easier. I met my mission president and his wife on Saturday . They came to watch conference in English. They are the cutest ever!! As soon as I saw my mission presidents wife I thought "mom" and gave her a hug *mission life complete* I miss hugs! It's hilarious because I'm not a huggy person and neither is my companion and we flat out just told each other, it was hilarious! But I miss hugs. *Air hug to all my home skillets back in America*  
     There was an earthquake last Wednesday!  There is supposed to be a bigger one this week. End of the world?  I told you dad that the mud slides were far from me... plot twist... I just found out that they were in my mission. Not too many people were hurt, but not everyone was fortunate.  
      On Easter Hermana Barlow and I wore the bunny ears:)  The next day a kitchen staff       ( her name is Sandy, she is adorable) came up to me and said, "Yesterday me friend told me dat you and your sister were dressed up like play boy bunnies?" I almost died!!!  NO SANDY, I WAS NOT DRESSED LIKE A PLAY BOY BUNNY!!! My goodness it took me forever to tell her that Americans believe in a bunny that comes to your house in the night to leave you a basket of candy and eggs, lol.  Hermana Barlow and I were assigned to be the Sister Leaders of the MTC!" So that is exciting!  I hope that I can be a good example to all the others. My Spanish is coming a long slowly but surely, it is funny because we have learned so much but only gospel stuff.  So when we go out on p-days to shop we don't know how to really hold a regular conversation all we say is "ohhh si si bien oh ..." it is hilarious. The people down here are wonderful.  I love you all and take care.
Love your, Hermana Bergeson!!

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