Thursday, April 16, 2015

     Oh so muddy buddies last week were so much fun!! All of the Latino cooks gathered around me while I made them and they were like "You put peeeenut butter with chocolate!?" and I was like, "YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR!!!" They think it is such a weird combination! They loved trying it though and this week Hermana Ganzalez (our mission presidents wife) insited that we all make choclate chip cookies with her in here apartment today!! (new weekly tradition?)   They have killer birds here! Honestly a new bird is dead everyday and I'm pretty sure one of these days I'm going to walk outside and see an Elder getting attacked... I guess its a good thing we have some trios..just in case that happens, haha jk! (struck by lightening)  Oh! my smile is getting whiter which is weird... I think its Gods way of telling me I need to smile more...not that I don't smile because I do... SMILING IS THE ONLY THING THAT THE LATINOS UNDERSTAND FROM ME...#stepyourgameup.    Oh so here in the CCM (MTC) I make lists... I have a list of " you know your in the MTC when..." and my Latino teacher found it and thought it was funny so, he took it!!  He gave it back after taking a picture of it so I need to send you a pic of it (mom will post the list when I get it; I've seen her list before and they are funny!)  I'm glad that you all enjoy my emails! (Does Dougle read my emails!? I hope he does!!) I live to make Dad and Dougle laugh!  
      Everyday I wake up and think " I don't want to learn Spanish" but then I say "SLAP! SLAP!" and mentally slap myself in the face and say " I LOVE LEARNING SPANISH!" It works!! I'm getting the hang of it!! I can understand a lot of Spanish when it is spoken!  Carlos A. Godoy came and spoke at a devotional, he is hilarious!! All of the gringos (that's what us "white kids" are called) had to wear headphones. It just is funny to me that we have to wear these huge old fashioned headphones...try to picture it and make it a funny mental image because that is how it is. I played gringo soccer for the first time this week. The elders will not stop begging Hermana Barlow and I to play with them. We run everyday but we figured we would just join them. I am so glad that Latinos know how to play football because the talent is definitely not found in the gringo elders (bless their hearts) haha. I played for exactly ten minutes before running again. Please send more pictures everybody, I can't get enough! I miss oatmeal.  What does oatmeal even taste like anymore!!? They have this different liquid mush here. It is pretty good if I dump the whole salt shaker into it (;  Everyone is starting to notice how much salt I consume so it's a good thing I leave this week!  Oh popcorn!!  I found popcorn at the store and oh my goodness, God does love the Peruvians for letting them have it in their stores!! There is just so much I want to give these people! I feel like I am one of them and then I look down at my skin and I'm like, "DANG IT"!  Also I am taller then most of the Latino hermanas (; Okay I have to get going but I love you all so much! Take care!!!!!
Love Hermana Bergeson!

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