Tuesday, April 28, 2015

 So much has happened in these past 5 days!! I feel like I have been here forever!! The mornings have been so hard for me. I feel so homesick and I look at the photos of my family and friends that I posted on my wall... at night I feel so happy to be here and going home is the last thing I want to do... this past Sunday I took down all my photos and replaced them with pictures of the Savior, and oh my goodness, it has helped so much. I moved my photos of  friends and family to the side wall so that they aren't my main focus when I first wake up, but they help me later in the day, once I get my focus on the Savior.  Don't get the wrong impression, keep sending photos to me (:   Lets see.. so I am very quiet becasue my companion and no one else, knows English and that has been pretty different. I want to say hard, but compared to all the hard things others have to endure my "hard" is close to a bucket of Jack squat, hahaha (Dad, I hope you laughed at that). I love you all so much! I miss the most; reciting movie quotes and having someone understand them, haha.  I tell my companion them anyway and then try to explain them in spanglish and she eventually, after hand gestures and my facial expressions, sorta gets it. I am very greatful for my facial expressions because without them I would not be able to relate to the people at all, lol. All of the youth whenever they see me say "Hermana Hermana! MINION!" hahaaha I made the mistake of doing Dispicable Me minion expressions and voices, hahah!! THATS ALL THEY WANT ME FOR! haahah,jk. But seriously they think my voices are hilarious!  Hermana Tocconi, my companion, is from Argentina. She is gorgeous and that is how I knew she was from Argentina.. All Argentinians are goregous.. Just like Jennifer Lopes becasue she is from Argentina... (NOT! haha, idk where she is from but it ain't Argentina) but you get the point.  She has been out for 14 months and I am the first missionary she has ever trained, so she hasn't had the need for much English. We have so much fun together though,  I taught her how to say " just another day in paradise!!" and "Thats the Bees-Knees!" and " Honey I'm home!" we recite each phrase daily!  Aren't I the best English teacher? (;
        I love the hours I have for scripture study.  I am learning so much about the Savior and the prophets. I don't have any of the scriptures with me (not sure what she means by that, because she has two set of scriptures with her!) but I promise you all that I am growing so much spiritually!
        So I have learned to embrace the filth, haha, I'm pretty sure I will permanently have dirt in my hair for the rest of my life! In our apartment everything inside has a layer of dirt on top of a layer of dirt. DIRT on Dirt!! It's the bees knees! Oh, all the Latinos say .. "Lo Maximos" and " AHHH_YAHHH", its hilarious. I am surrounded by the most loving people ever. I love them all so much!! I had my first baptism, Elisban! He is 22, it was awesome!! Oh, by the way, I've learned to cope without a toilet seat!  Love you so much!!  Hermana Bergeson

Hermana Tocconi and Hermana Bergeson at Elisban's baptism.

Look Mom! We match!

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