Friday, May 29, 2015

This is Hermana Bergeson's District. Enjoying the Gnocchi they made togther on P-day!

  As we head into summer our little missionaries head into winter! Mom and Grandma had a good laugh at Brynn's feet. She fits in nicely with the Llama's :D

 "It's really not so cold"...Hermana Bergeson says after experiencing Idaho!

She does love her peanut butter!
A sketch of Maria 
         So, last Monday we made gnocchi for p-day, its like an Italian noodle?  All I know is that it was amazing!!!  This p-day we are going shopping!  This week has been so much better. I was able to have a blessing by my district leader for comfort, it was so nice and sweet. He reminds me of Jonathan Loveland so that made it even better.
         This week we met this little old lady named Maria, she is so tiny and very white!! She has blue blue blue eyes!! She looks like a little old temple worker but she isn't Mormon.(I think that means sweet) She has the craziest dreams and she is so animated,  like Smeagle from Lord of the Rings; that's all I can think of when she talks and explains things.  She can't hear very well, so you have to scream in her ear and she can't understand my Spanish, so she looks at me and blinks and looks at my companion and says "What did she say?" (in Spanish) and I just laugh and then she laughs and her face gets all wrinkly and I just want to take her home!!  Another one of our investigators is a veterinarian. We help her wash and dry dogs... she washes, we dry :),  but I was so happy because it was like, "Oh my gosh, this is a clean animal!!!" So I was loving on them and then I saw a tick and I was like "-----" and my eyes, got big and I thought I was going to die! They still had a ton of ticks and my face was so close to them, haha! Oh well! 
          I got a package this week from my amazing mom and I have healthy snacks!  My companion was like " it's all healthy" and I was like " I use to be healthy" haha! We have had a lot of laughs... I don't want transfers, I'm scared of changes... we'll see, I just got use to things.  I held a puppy this week, it was the size of half my palm so cute!! Hmm, what else... I had an avocado and a tomato this week! It was amazing and I helped harvest beans from weird pods!
          I have been trying really hard to embrace the time I have here and it is working little by little... I love you all!  Thank you for your prayers!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A special "thank you" to Angela Megan!! She has sent pictures of Hermana Alder and Hermana Bergeson cooking together.
 Angela Meagan is their "pensinista's" daughter. Gladis Nana, is the woman that takes care of them and does their cooking. (Hermana Bergeson's mom says thank you for taking such good care of her sweetheart!)
Looks like Hermana Bergeson is learning to cook some Peruvian dishes.  She loves to cook so this must be great fun for her!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

MAIL!! One happy little missionary!!

So this week has been a roller coaster, but hey that's every week!
       So on Monday we watched RIO!!!  In Spanish, but esta bien, because it was great!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best little brother!! Bummers I had a letter I wanted to send you but it is in my room back in my area!! DAHH, oh well next time! I hope you had a great birthday and I hope mom didn't make you pancakes because we all know how much you hate those (:  (Mom made his favorite; biscuits and gravy) Hayden your hair looks great! It was fun to talk to everyone yesterday... the camera adds like ten pounds so no judgement. hah! Mom, Dad, Kiefer, Kristin, baby Scarlett, Hayden, Tovyn, Gma, Gpa, Gma Dunn! Everyone looks great! My Spanish is coming along! I only say that so that I can believe it, haha! We have a bunch of new investigators this week so that is awesome! I had a lesson with this sister and brother yesterday they asked so many questions  and I was just like "AHHHYAAHHH" :)  No, I answered a lot of them! Kinda, haha. Also they had a polka dot ceiling!!! It was so cool... I want one.. I will have one!  Hmm what else! I got mail and packages for the first time and oh my goodness it was awesome! 
         I studied Mosiah 4 this week because Elder Lawson did and I want to be as awesome of  a missionary as he is!  It was great, I encourage y'all to read it. King Benjamin is the best!
         Hum what else, I pet a dog for the first time this week!! I accepted the fact that ringworm is only temporary and that these dogs really need some love (Jenna Zmrzel, haaha I hope you appreciate that ) I also ate fig ice cream! At least I think it was fig... I also had the opportunity to switch companions for the day, which was really fun! I got to serve one day in a different area! It was beautiful!
         This week I have learned a lot about patience... not with my companion, haha, but with myself. I have also learned  a lot about just appreciating the beautiful things in life God gives us to make us happy. Like the flowers and little shaggy homeless dogs that run up to me and are eager to spread their diseases, haha, jk, but really there is beauty in everything and when you focus on it, it is like everything seems so much brighter...just like the movie BIG FISH. I love you all, know that when trials come they will pass (like ringworm) ahah, sorry, but seriously God wants you to turn to him and the sooner you do the sooner you will feel relieved and HAPPY!
Love you all, take care. Love Hermana Bergeson
This screams Brynn and her love of Art!

Hermana Bergeson and her companion, Hermana Tocconi

This is Hermana Alder and her companion Hermana Flores. Brynn loves Hermana Alder, she's from Utah and they will be friends for life!

 So my area is Alameda in the zone of Vitarte, It is very dusty, haha! The food here is pretty good. If you don't count calories, haha!  It's different and it sure makes you bloated but it's all good, their sauces are what makes the food good. They have some great sauces and I love their milkshake things,  they boil bananas and then put them in a blender with milk and water and serve it as a warm milkshake.  Every night for dinner we have bread and hot chocolate or a milkshake type thing, its the best. Its like... Disneyland in my mouth (;
         I'm worried that I am going to loose my sense of humor here!!!  No one understands my English jokes... and I can't explain them in Spanish, dahh, haha! Oh well, I have bigger fish to fry. I got to watch Frozen last p-day!! IN ENGLISH!!  It was so amazing and such a blessing. Songs in Spanish make me sad, because they aren't the same for me... obviously... I miss hymns in English. But oh well, when in Peru do what the Peruvians do!
         I am an English teacher here!  Every Saturday I do Engish classes... I have only done it once but I'm pretty much a professional teacher(; Right!
        One experience this week... Okay so I was walking in the calle (street) with my companion.  I was a little behind and a police car pulls up next to me and stops me and two policemen start speaking to me in Spanish. I was like "Shoot!... wait I haven't done anything illegal in Peru... (yet) (;" haha!  Anyways they start talking to us and say something about  "Are you being followed?  Why are you wearing dresses...Oh tell me more about your church."   I didn't understand the full conversation, obviously!  But anyway, we told them where the chapel was and what time we meet every Sunday...(fast forward to Sunday).  Sunday during second hour a young man comes running and finds us and says " the police are outside the church and they said they needed you hermanas!?!?" So again I was like "shoot!... Que en el mundo"! But then we went out there and I started laughing because all of the youth were in a big group around the door.  They were so curious to why the police stopped their car in the middle of the road outside of the church gates.. Anyways it was the same police!  We gave them a tour of the chapel! It was weird because everyone was so curious, but it was cool and funny!
 OH MAN, I'M AN AUNT!!!!!  (Scarlett Eve Bergeson was born May 1st)