Friday, May 29, 2015

         So, last Monday we made gnocchi for p-day, its like an Italian noodle?  All I know is that it was amazing!!!  This p-day we are going shopping!  This week has been so much better. I was able to have a blessing by my district leader for comfort, it was so nice and sweet. He reminds me of Jonathan Loveland so that made it even better.
         This week we met this little old lady named Maria, she is so tiny and very white!! She has blue blue blue eyes!! She looks like a little old temple worker but she isn't Mormon.(I think that means sweet) She has the craziest dreams and she is so animated,  like Smeagle from Lord of the Rings; that's all I can think of when she talks and explains things.  She can't hear very well, so you have to scream in her ear and she can't understand my Spanish, so she looks at me and blinks and looks at my companion and says "What did she say?" (in Spanish) and I just laugh and then she laughs and her face gets all wrinkly and I just want to take her home!!  Another one of our investigators is a veterinarian. We help her wash and dry dogs... she washes, we dry :),  but I was so happy because it was like, "Oh my gosh, this is a clean animal!!!" So I was loving on them and then I saw a tick and I was like "-----" and my eyes, got big and I thought I was going to die! They still had a ton of ticks and my face was so close to them, haha! Oh well! 
          I got a package this week from my amazing mom and I have healthy snacks!  My companion was like " it's all healthy" and I was like " I use to be healthy" haha! We have had a lot of laughs... I don't want transfers, I'm scared of changes... we'll see, I just got use to things.  I held a puppy this week, it was the size of half my palm so cute!! Hmm, what else... I had an avocado and a tomato this week! It was amazing and I helped harvest beans from weird pods!
          I have been trying really hard to embrace the time I have here and it is working little by little... I love you all!  Thank you for your prayers!!!

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