Saturday, May 23, 2015

 So my area is Alameda in the zone of Vitarte, It is very dusty, haha! The food here is pretty good. If you don't count calories, haha!  It's different and it sure makes you bloated but it's all good, their sauces are what makes the food good. They have some great sauces and I love their milkshake things,  they boil bananas and then put them in a blender with milk and water and serve it as a warm milkshake.  Every night for dinner we have bread and hot chocolate or a milkshake type thing, its the best. Its like... Disneyland in my mouth (;
         I'm worried that I am going to loose my sense of humor here!!!  No one understands my English jokes... and I can't explain them in Spanish, dahh, haha! Oh well, I have bigger fish to fry. I got to watch Frozen last p-day!! IN ENGLISH!!  It was so amazing and such a blessing. Songs in Spanish make me sad, because they aren't the same for me... obviously... I miss hymns in English. But oh well, when in Peru do what the Peruvians do!
         I am an English teacher here!  Every Saturday I do Engish classes... I have only done it once but I'm pretty much a professional teacher(; Right!
        One experience this week... Okay so I was walking in the calle (street) with my companion.  I was a little behind and a police car pulls up next to me and stops me and two policemen start speaking to me in Spanish. I was like "Shoot!... wait I haven't done anything illegal in Peru... (yet) (;" haha!  Anyways they start talking to us and say something about  "Are you being followed?  Why are you wearing dresses...Oh tell me more about your church."   I didn't understand the full conversation, obviously!  But anyway, we told them where the chapel was and what time we meet every Sunday...(fast forward to Sunday).  Sunday during second hour a young man comes running and finds us and says " the police are outside the church and they said they needed you hermanas!?!?" So again I was like "shoot!... Que en el mundo"! But then we went out there and I started laughing because all of the youth were in a big group around the door.  They were so curious to why the police stopped their car in the middle of the road outside of the church gates.. Anyways it was the same police!  We gave them a tour of the chapel! It was weird because everyone was so curious, but it was cool and funny!
 OH MAN, I'M AN AUNT!!!!!  (Scarlett Eve Bergeson was born May 1st)

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