Saturday, May 23, 2015

So this week has been a roller coaster, but hey that's every week!
       So on Monday we watched RIO!!!  In Spanish, but esta bien, because it was great!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best little brother!! Bummers I had a letter I wanted to send you but it is in my room back in my area!! DAHH, oh well next time! I hope you had a great birthday and I hope mom didn't make you pancakes because we all know how much you hate those (:  (Mom made his favorite; biscuits and gravy) Hayden your hair looks great! It was fun to talk to everyone yesterday... the camera adds like ten pounds so no judgement. hah! Mom, Dad, Kiefer, Kristin, baby Scarlett, Hayden, Tovyn, Gma, Gpa, Gma Dunn! Everyone looks great! My Spanish is coming along! I only say that so that I can believe it, haha! We have a bunch of new investigators this week so that is awesome! I had a lesson with this sister and brother yesterday they asked so many questions  and I was just like "AHHHYAAHHH" :)  No, I answered a lot of them! Kinda, haha. Also they had a polka dot ceiling!!! It was so cool... I want one.. I will have one!  Hmm what else! I got mail and packages for the first time and oh my goodness it was awesome! 
         I studied Mosiah 4 this week because Elder Lawson did and I want to be as awesome of  a missionary as he is!  It was great, I encourage y'all to read it. King Benjamin is the best!
         Hum what else, I pet a dog for the first time this week!! I accepted the fact that ringworm is only temporary and that these dogs really need some love (Jenna Zmrzel, haaha I hope you appreciate that ) I also ate fig ice cream! At least I think it was fig... I also had the opportunity to switch companions for the day, which was really fun! I got to serve one day in a different area! It was beautiful!
         This week I have learned a lot about patience... not with my companion, haha, but with myself. I have also learned  a lot about just appreciating the beautiful things in life God gives us to make us happy. Like the flowers and little shaggy homeless dogs that run up to me and are eager to spread their diseases, haha, jk, but really there is beauty in everything and when you focus on it, it is like everything seems so much brighter...just like the movie BIG FISH. I love you all, know that when trials come they will pass (like ringworm) ahah, sorry, but seriously God wants you to turn to him and the sooner you do the sooner you will feel relieved and HAPPY!
Love you all, take care. Love Hermana Bergeson

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