Sunday, June 28, 2015

So three months!! Yeah slow... haha but all is well! I love my comp, she is amazing and she really makes me feel loved and we laugh so so so hard!! I forgot to take pictures of my journal this week which bums me out because they are all in Spanish!!!  So you would have needed a translator... but that's what grandpa is for! 
Alma 5:26, I think that scripture was really beautiful for me this week.  I have been studying and finished Job.  This past week we fasted... and my goodness, God blesses us...we fasted for new investigators and we had 3 people come up to us yesterday after our fast and wanted to know so much about the gospel.  Their questions stung with sincerity and were amazing......we even had an on the spot lesson!! BUT ALL OF THEM WERE IN THE AREA OF THE ELDERS!!! hahaha So God blessed them through blessing us with hope, that there are people out there... also another experience with the beauty in children.. one 8 year-old we are teaching because her parents (only her dad she lives with) aren't members. Our last lesson with her was rough because she couldn't focus but this lesson I was almost brought to tears. We talked about repentance and prayers. At the end of the lesson she told us...I pray everyday that my dad will have  a change of character. I pray that if I go to church he will go to church...... ponder on that... how amazing .. one more... little Fabiono,  he is 5 and his mom isn't a member but he reads his picture Book of Mormon with his grandma and one night after we talked to him, he told his grandpa during reading time before bed that he wanted a real Book of Mormon, so he could be a missionary faster!! HOW ADORABLE!!! Yeah so great experiences this week! I love you so much! Have a great week! Love Hermana Bergeson!

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