Sunday, June 28, 2015

okay blog letter..

This week has been great! I am finally feeling like this is my mission and that I didn't really have a life before. I try hard to think about memories but then my brain hurts haha.. I love the memories I get in emails! I have been making little cards and requested notes for people because they think my handwriting is cute, which makes me happy because I feel like I am using the little talent I have, lol!  Also I will be out 3 months in 9 days!! Haha. Time here is weird. I feel like I have been here forever but looking back it went by pretty fast. I don't want my companion to leave me!! We have so much fun just making dramatic noises and I can finally explain my jokes in Spanish and she thinks that they are hilarious! Haha ...pity laughs? Nah, but we had a dance session after planning one night and it was hilarious. Hmm what else I wrote journal entries and took pics because I forget by Monday what has happened.. I bought an alpaca sweater last Monday it is orange!! I love it. We had a lot of lessons this week and we attended a baptism with a little old lady, Maria, she is adorable. Hmm, dogs did not like me this week but all is well, I have an appointment for a shot.... nah, I'm kidding, haha, mom calm down, calm down (; it didn't the break skin lol. Mom please don't worry all is well and I feel so safe here! I feel like I am in little safe Newcastle! I am half way done with my capacitation training.. (not sure what that is?) thank goodness!!!!!!! 
 I love you all! Take care!
Love Hermana Bergeson!

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