Thursday, September 10, 2015

It is 2:00am on September 10th and I am current!  Today Brynn has been serving for 6 months. We are proud of her willingness to serve the Lord. May He continue to bless her.

 Oh, an observation from fast and testimony meeting...I have never mentioned the missionaries in my testimony back home and I never really hear people mention missionaries back home in their testimonies unless it was a relative... Here mom, everyone...everyone testifies of their love for the missionaries and half of them don't even have missionaries in there families... it is just a reminder of how much of an influence we have.  I am so grateful for that reminder.... oh also we are teaching a little lady and her family from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Reformed and its quite sad because she lived in Missouri and she went to our church but then the missionaries from the other church invited her in and she joined that church with her whole family,... its hard to teach them the difference, especially in Spanish but we have our mission leader helping us and he is amazing. 
Okay something we were in a lesson and we were talking to this 40 year old woman and her brother and they are so hilarious and animated and the brother reminded me so much of my Uncle Mike so it was so much better. Their aunt comes in who is like 70 and she begins by saying how she is Buddhist and then her nephew stops the conversation and the niece says.. "WAIT Aunty, your Buddhist?!!!!" "You mean you aren't Catholic?!"  I literally started to laugh and had to think of dead puppies to make me stop! haha...She began telling about her conversion and she literally didn't blink.  The whole time her niece and nephew had their jaws dropped and there eyes where so big!!
August 31st

I would like to share my testimony... I know that this church is true.. People can yell at me and criticize prophets and church history, they can say that I need to practice my Spanish and insult me. They can call me names and attack every principle of the gospel but they can't touch my spiritual personal experiences. I know that my Savior lives. I know that He has done everything for the world that denied and continues to deny Him.  I know that the Atonement is real and that it was the ultimate gift of love. I know that the scriptures are practically the best materialistic thing in the world... no not practically.. they are.. I know that prophets wrote them, which is so cool!!! We have writings form America that half the people in the world didn't even know existed!!!!!! I know that God is just and merciful that He knows us perfectly and that He shows us things in the way we need them. I love my Savior, I love my family, my Heavenly Father and my Heavenly Mother and I love my earthly father and my earthly mom and biggest supporter(; I can eat manna day by day like the people of Moses and that's what I will do because I can't hoard and eat more than I need (; I love you mom, I know that the the prophet and apostles are called of God and have talked with him. I know. I say these things in the name of my Savior and my biggest hero, Jesus Christ amen.

August 31th

I got a new companion...

Hermana Fabri.  Little worried about these two:)!!  
Hermana Fabri is from Argentina

 Glays Murrieta is my mamista, She loves me (; I love that she makes Brynn look tall!

We had pasta!!! PASTA I don't really know which type but, yeah good!
August 24th

Me and my girls!!! My companion Hermana Cox and two girls from my district who were in the MTC in the same group as me!  So fun to be together!

P-day at Chorrillos Beach 

  Mornings are cold and I made toast!

July 17th 

        Our beautiful missionaries!                            Hermana Bergeson & Hermana Cox

July 17, 2015

Welp, first week in the mission that my family didn't email me. Thank you Maureen Lawson for sending me a long email!  ( I did email her, two letters, they just didn't send till Thursday because of the bad wifi connection at Lake Powell. Talk about a stressed out Mom! It's like the end of the world when you can't get an email out!)  This week has been crazy and I have been writing letters like crazy to have Hermana Vicente in my ward, who is going to the states on Wednesday, send you all the letters.   Funny story an old guy was wailing in the back of the bus and I thought he was dying,  but it turns out that he was singing with head phones, haha and every time I looked at him he stopped and just stared like nothing happened! It was hilarious, another funny story we contacted a reference that my comp received when I was on divisions in another area and my companion only had the name and number of the reference and the street name. So we contacted a few houses before we found them and when we found her my companion said " Are you Edith? Your a doctor?" and the lady was freaked out.  My comp said, "We contacted your friend in the street and she gave us your number but we don't remember your friends name or where she lives" yeah the lady was freaked out and thought we were creepers, so we lost that one... but oh well!  We had interviews this week with President and man he is just AMAZING I don't know how I was so lucky to have Pres. Boswell and Hermana Boswell as my leaders I don't ever want to leave them.. I love you all I understand that you are all in Lake Powell.  Hope all is well and safe. I love you  all!!!Smiling face (black and white)Smiling face (black and white)      

Another amazing experience;
We were able to teach a new mother and her daughters this week and the lesson just started out with the mom but as we went on we felt the spirit so strong and one by one all three of her daughters came in and the mom was so happy and the daughters were smiling so much and my cheeks hurt from smiling and my mouth was just filled with words and my companion shared the gospel with such power. It was our last lesson for the week and man I will never forget how happy I was. I just felt perfect. And it made me so happy that one by one the mom said " Ophelia come listen to the sisters...Elena come listen!...Amelia come and sit next to me" man it was so beautiful to see them want to share the sweetness of the gospel with their family.  I love you all so much! Have a great week!!!!

Love Hermana Bergeson!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Five Months!!  August 10th :)

I walk down this street to write you !

August 3, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!! I WILL CELEBRATE TOMORROW!! My week has been great working so hard and we achieved the goals of excellence! 25 lessons, 74 contacts, 10 new investigadores.... but numbers don't matter, they really don't. My heart is so happy and filled with love for the people here. This week was the first time that I, I really don't want to leave Peru!!! Many people asked me this week if I missed my family.. like random contacts and the first thing that came to my mind was "no" and I was so shocked, because I love you guys! But then I got to thinking.. I don't miss you guys because I never left... Kind of like I don't miss my Heavenly father and Savior becasue they never left, they are with me every minute of every day .. like you guys are in my heart every minute of everyday and then I got kind of sad because there are people that are with they're families and have no reason to miss them but, they have forgotten about there Heavenly Parents.. THEY HAVE A REASON TO MISS THEIR FAMILY not me! and thats why I am here to make them realize that there is so so so much more!  Last night  I woke up at 4 am and there was someone going through our grocery bags, I thought it was Hermana Cox but then I looked and she was in her bed... we both woke up and realized it was "the mouse"!!!!! It has been living in our room for about 2 weeks!!!! We spent 15 minutes trying to devise a plan to capture it, we settled with just leaving the door opened and it ran out! Hahaahah, long night... hmmm what else..... I almost ate a chicken foot!!!! It was in my soup and when I say it my eyes shrunk 20 sizes!!
 This ones for you Grandpa!

 KIEFER, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I ate chocolate cake for you this week and made a video which I will send home with that lady in my ward. This week my feet have been hurting but just because we have been fast walking like we were racing for gold! Man and it doesn't help that our area is pretty big but no complaints. Hmm what else...we haven't had any more mouse problems but ants sure have been marching in!!! Hermana Cox has been sick this week and that was an excuse for me not to work out, hahaha (; I am so lazy!!!!

This ones for you Kiefer!   

July 27, 2015
So we have been having lesson with an 18 year old named Astrid and she is really sweet.  She wanted to go to church but she said all she owned were tennis, so we called around and had to walk to a members house so she could barrow shoes.  After church her feet hurt because the borrowed shoes were heels I switched with her and walked home in heels and then  we dropped her off at home. Her mom was like .."why didn't you were your sandals?" And then she said, "Because they didn't match with my white skirt"...... yeah, but she did come to church with us!  We have found a ton of people! We have been working so so hard and oh my gosh, our numbers have been the best I have ever seen during my time as a missionary! We had 26 lessons and contacted 71 people..feet are sore and a man flat out told me my Spanish sucked during a lesson (I was blinking fast to hold back tears) but after I was able to pull myself together *slap slap.. we have felt the spirit strong this week and my companion is the best companion in the world!  I was falling a sleep during church (typical) and she was feeding my candies to help me stay awake; she always has a smile on her face and she makes me laugh so much! Hmmm what else.. Peru's independence day is tomorrow.  It's going to be crazy... we were asked on a date this week haha, that was creepy! We contacted some one who spoke English and my comp and I could hardly form sentences in English it was so weird!!!! We went to the temple this week it was so beautiful and such a great experience to share with Hermana Cox! I saw Hermana Tacconi (my mama) at the temple!!!
I know Mom, a funny face but I was just glad to see Hermana Tacconi!

I have been in and out of the town so many times this pass summer; I have read emails from Brynn in Nicaragua, Lake Powell, Utah, Girls Camp and next week Germany! Sorry I'm so far behind but I'm hoping to catch up.  Please check dates by each posting instead of the blog date! Mom's doing her best:)

July 10th                Happy Birthday Hayden!!

Also another month is come and gone!

I have a pic of me and my new companion, Hermana Cox, she is from Logan Utha and I have no words for how much I already love her!!! My mission has changed completely and I want to be like her when I grow up ha...... this week has been the best of my mission! I needed Hermana Cox!. We are seeing so much change!
Hermana Bergeson and Hermana Cox   July 2015