Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August 3, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!! I WILL CELEBRATE TOMORROW!! My week has been great working so hard and we achieved the goals of excellence! 25 lessons, 74 contacts, 10 new investigadores.... but numbers don't matter, they really don't. My heart is so happy and filled with love for the people here. This week was the first time that I, I really don't want to leave Peru!!! Many people asked me this week if I missed my family.. like random contacts and the first thing that came to my mind was "no" and I was so shocked, because I love you guys! But then I got to thinking.. I don't miss you guys because I never left... Kind of like I don't miss my Heavenly father and Savior becasue they never left, they are with me every minute of every day .. like you guys are in my heart every minute of everyday and then I got kind of sad because there are people that are with they're families and have no reason to miss them but, they have forgotten about there Heavenly Parents.. THEY HAVE A REASON TO MISS THEIR FAMILY not me! and thats why I am here to make them realize that there is so so so much more!  Last night  I woke up at 4 am and there was someone going through our grocery bags, I thought it was Hermana Cox but then I looked and she was in her bed... we both woke up and realized it was "the mouse"!!!!! It has been living in our room for about 2 weeks!!!! We spent 15 minutes trying to devise a plan to capture it, we settled with just leaving the door opened and it ran out! Hahaahah, long night... hmmm what else..... I almost ate a chicken foot!!!! It was in my soup and when I say it my eyes shrunk 20 sizes!!
 This ones for you Grandpa!

 KIEFER, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I ate chocolate cake for you this week and made a video which I will send home with that lady in my ward. This week my feet have been hurting but just because we have been fast walking like we were racing for gold! Man and it doesn't help that our area is pretty big but no complaints. Hmm what else...we haven't had any more mouse problems but ants sure have been marching in!!! Hermana Cox has been sick this week and that was an excuse for me not to work out, hahaha (; I am so lazy!!!!

This ones for you Kiefer!   


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