Wednesday, September 9, 2015

July 27, 2015
So we have been having lesson with an 18 year old named Astrid and she is really sweet.  She wanted to go to church but she said all she owned were tennis, so we called around and had to walk to a members house so she could barrow shoes.  After church her feet hurt because the borrowed shoes were heels I switched with her and walked home in heels and then  we dropped her off at home. Her mom was like .."why didn't you were your sandals?" And then she said, "Because they didn't match with my white skirt"...... yeah, but she did come to church with us!  We have found a ton of people! We have been working so so hard and oh my gosh, our numbers have been the best I have ever seen during my time as a missionary! We had 26 lessons and contacted 71 people..feet are sore and a man flat out told me my Spanish sucked during a lesson (I was blinking fast to hold back tears) but after I was able to pull myself together *slap slap.. we have felt the spirit strong this week and my companion is the best companion in the world!  I was falling a sleep during church (typical) and she was feeding my candies to help me stay awake; she always has a smile on her face and she makes me laugh so much! Hmmm what else.. Peru's independence day is tomorrow.  It's going to be crazy... we were asked on a date this week haha, that was creepy! We contacted some one who spoke English and my comp and I could hardly form sentences in English it was so weird!!!! We went to the temple this week it was so beautiful and such a great experience to share with Hermana Cox! I saw Hermana Tacconi (my mama) at the temple!!!
I know Mom, a funny face but I was just glad to see Hermana Tacconi!

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