Thursday, September 10, 2015

 Oh, an observation from fast and testimony meeting...I have never mentioned the missionaries in my testimony back home and I never really hear people mention missionaries back home in their testimonies unless it was a relative... Here mom, everyone...everyone testifies of their love for the missionaries and half of them don't even have missionaries in there families... it is just a reminder of how much of an influence we have.  I am so grateful for that reminder.... oh also we are teaching a little lady and her family from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Reformed and its quite sad because she lived in Missouri and she went to our church but then the missionaries from the other church invited her in and she joined that church with her whole family,... its hard to teach them the difference, especially in Spanish but we have our mission leader helping us and he is amazing. 
Okay something we were in a lesson and we were talking to this 40 year old woman and her brother and they are so hilarious and animated and the brother reminded me so much of my Uncle Mike so it was so much better. Their aunt comes in who is like 70 and she begins by saying how she is Buddhist and then her nephew stops the conversation and the niece says.. "WAIT Aunty, your Buddhist?!!!!" "You mean you aren't Catholic?!"  I literally started to laugh and had to think of dead puppies to make me stop! haha...She began telling about her conversion and she literally didn't blink.  The whole time her niece and nephew had their jaws dropped and there eyes where so big!!

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