Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Message

Christmas Message to Home:)

Elder Uchtdorf gave us 3 points of advice this year to make Christmas feel more like Christmas:

1) "Remember the birth of Jesus Christ",  the first and greatest gift that has been given to       God's children. 
2) "Remember the Atonement of our Savior", that through His sacrifice we can be renewed each and everyday if we act on His atonement.
3) "Look to His coming" Prepare yourself to be worthy to stand in His presence when He will come in power and glory.

I really like these three points and I know that they will help us celebrate this time of year better. I know that God loves me and you. I know He thinks about me and you every minute. And we can see evidence of His love everyday. I know that Jesus atoned for us and that we can be forgiven and better everyday. Don't wait til January.
"One of Gods greatest gifts to us is the joy of trying again, for no failure ever need be final" --Thomas S. Monson
We are trying to be better, that's what counts. He knows you and He prays for you (Luke 22:31-32)
Help your friends and family do the same. That is the ultimate expression of love. Helping others come unto Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

so I am half way... NO BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!! (;

Getting in the Chritmas Spirit!

We helped set up their Christmas tree, it is the family Palamino and they are having us over for Christmas this year!!Their son just left about 1 month ago to serve in Uruguay and he always accompanied us for lessons and they want us to be with them for Christmas.  I always have to remind myself that Brynn is only 5'3" because she always looks so tall:)

The Chapel in Santa Anita

It is three stories high! Bottom level is a parking lot, which is kind a funny because very few people have cars!  A very beautiful building.

Baking "goodies" sent from Home!!

Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! Brynn's in heaven!

Doing what makes her happy; baking with companions!

Oops! The banana bread got a little "over cooked", but they ate every last bite anyway!

We had a multi zone meeting!! We had a Christmas multi zone and that was awesome.. our zone, (group of about 20 missionaries in an area) sang little drummer boy and we only have 4 sisters and the elders made us sing two parts solo!!! And let me tell you, the three other girls sing so quietly that people that have perfect hearing would need hearing aids and a front row seat to hear them! Sooo, I felt obligated to sing loud (and definitely off pitch.. whatever that means..) to fill the silence.. but yeah it went well, I think.. We lived and after we made cards for our pensionistas:)

This is panaton and it's like a dry pound cake. They eat it at Christmas and our mission leader bought it for us! Normally it has fruit chews but this one is chocolate (; obviously!

We got the opportunity to serve. We helped a little sister clean and organize her fridge on P-day. After we were done Hermana Bustamante and I made hot chocolate. Not quite the same as our hot chocolate, but it's all good!

Still in the district of Santa Anita; but a new companion

Hermana Bustamante from Ecuador! She is 23 and a head smaller than me! A recent convert of 5 years and she is the only member in her family.  She is wonderful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November  9, 2015 

     I have a funny story!! I was in the house of an investigator, she is 10 years old. We asked her to get her Book of Mormon and she got up and went to her fridge. (The people here keep their fridges in the living room next to the couches) and she opened up the fridge and started looking for her Book of Mormon!  I was like what in the heck is she doing!?!? But then my companion saw my face and laughed and told me that the family converted their fridge into a bookcase or cabinet to hold their everyday things in. Haha!!

Well it's been 8 Months!!!

Hermana's new companion! Mission life is full of changes!
My companion Hermana Saracho

Once again, new companion and new location!

I was Transferred!  I realized something that really made me feel happy and it was that the Sunday before lunes(or transfer) during sacrement meeting... my bishop called me up to bare my testimony. I was so glad that I got to leave the ward with my testimony. I am now  in Santa Anita. Today is my first day here, my new companion is from Argentina, my third companion from Argentina. She is beautiful and thats all I know.  We have ben companions for about two hours.. My heart is a little cracked but we all now that peanut butter fills the cracks of the heart, so that will be fixed by the end of the day. This week I have been so grateful for Hermana Rivera, she was such a blessing and is a blessing in my life. I'm so grateful for the mission. I almost have 8 months and I love my Savior and the leaders of the church. I love my family. I hope your week has been good. I love you all! Have a great week and a very happy Happy Halloween!

Hermana Rivera and Hermana Bergeson

Sorry, couldn't help myself! Happy Halloween! 

Friday, December 25, 2015

A day in the life of Hermana Bergeson

Hermana Bergeson's wonderful "mom away from home" who makes her blueberry pancakes just because she knows how much Hermana Bergeson loves them!

Hermana Bergeson's room. She loves all the space!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hermana Bergeson's new area is Central.  Here is a fun entry out of her journal;

"Here in Beautiful Village (Villa Hermosa) there are a  lot of puppies and kittens!  It's spring here and I think that might be the reason. It's adorable, they all sleep on the stairs. Oh my area is the hills and literally I don't know how all these frail little old people climb up these stairs...I haven't counted the steps, because literally I don't even know if I can count that high!

Monday, December 21, 2015

New Area and New Companion!

Oct. 12, 2015
New area and new companion! Hermana Rivera is from Mexico.
I'm in the zone called CENTRAL! It's literally the hills!

This is Adriana. Adriana came with us to watch Conference! I was so happy, she is the Peruvian version of my mom!


 Wonderful sisters in Peru!

       Hermana Bergeson 
has served for seven months in Peru!!

A birthday note for Mom!!

Enjoying a bit of Ice Cream!!

                We went to Lima Central!! Honestly felt like I was in another world!!

Adventures with Hermana Fabri!

September 21
  Elder Godoy talked to us this week and it was so fun, he is honestly hilarious and I just love listening and learning!! To get to the meeting we took a train... its like a subway but its above the ground in the sky... and oh my gosh, it was so packed!!!!!  Literally I watched a watch guard help shove a woman in the door and her nose almost got chopped off! He had to tuck in her nose and scarf!!!!!!!!  I have no idea how we boarded the train, all I know is that my skirt was out side of the door and flapping in the wind and my face was pressed against the glass! I can only imagine what people outside thought! :) 

September 28
   This week oh my goodness gracious were to begin...Hermana Fabri and I had some adventures this week but man Sunday sure made everything amazing! We had a lesson with Estella and her son before church and they promised to come to the church in a few hours and they asked that we waited out side for them. On our way to church Gabriel one of our investigators  sent us a message that he couldn't come to church because he had a really high fever, we were bummed but we understood he was doing all he could...we got to church and waited outside for 20 minutes for Estella and her son but they didn't come and Hermana Fabri had to play the piano for Sacrament.. My heart was really heavy and bummed... the meeting started and I looked at the door and saw Gabriel!! My heart jumped and I was so excited to see him, he smiled shyly and waved, walking back in the congregation. I kept my gaze fixed on the chapel doors the whole time and I was just praying in my heart Estela would come. 35 minutes into the lesson I saw Adriana at the door, I jumped up and Hermana Fabri came with me to accompany her to our seats.....I was thanking the Lord for sending Adriana and Gabriel to church and thought it was the Lords way of blessing us with them attending instead of Estella.... at 2:47 p.m almost 50 minutes into church, Hermana Fabri bumped my arm, and I looked at the door again and saw little Estella standing in the big chapel doorway holding her brown purse with two hands.. I JUMPED UP AND FUMBLED over all my bags and Hermana Fabri!  We got up and walked around the congregation to bring her to sit with us and Adriana... I don't think I have ever been so happy! Gabriel, Adriana and Estella have such a big place in my heart because I have been able to see their progress since the moment I have contacted them with my past companions. I knew that the Lord was really manifesting His love for me, well He always does, but I  really recognized it in this minute... and if there was ever a perfect Sunday (with lessons and members) in the history of Sundays it was today for our investigators because each lesson in the three hours was written that day for them.. I Love my God and Savior. I love the gospel. I know this work is perfect.. Missionaries aren't, but the missionary work is, because it is the work of a perfect God and everyday those imperfect missionaries are being molded into better and better disciples of Christ.

Sunday, December 20, 2015