Monday, December 21, 2015

Adventures with Hermana Fabri!

September 21
  Elder Godoy talked to us this week and it was so fun, he is honestly hilarious and I just love listening and learning!! To get to the meeting we took a train... its like a subway but its above the ground in the sky... and oh my gosh, it was so packed!!!!!  Literally I watched a watch guard help shove a woman in the door and her nose almost got chopped off! He had to tuck in her nose and scarf!!!!!!!!  I have no idea how we boarded the train, all I know is that my skirt was out side of the door and flapping in the wind and my face was pressed against the glass! I can only imagine what people outside thought! :) 

September 28
   This week oh my goodness gracious were to begin...Hermana Fabri and I had some adventures this week but man Sunday sure made everything amazing! We had a lesson with Estella and her son before church and they promised to come to the church in a few hours and they asked that we waited out side for them. On our way to church Gabriel one of our investigators  sent us a message that he couldn't come to church because he had a really high fever, we were bummed but we understood he was doing all he could...we got to church and waited outside for 20 minutes for Estella and her son but they didn't come and Hermana Fabri had to play the piano for Sacrament.. My heart was really heavy and bummed... the meeting started and I looked at the door and saw Gabriel!! My heart jumped and I was so excited to see him, he smiled shyly and waved, walking back in the congregation. I kept my gaze fixed on the chapel doors the whole time and I was just praying in my heart Estela would come. 35 minutes into the lesson I saw Adriana at the door, I jumped up and Hermana Fabri came with me to accompany her to our seats.....I was thanking the Lord for sending Adriana and Gabriel to church and thought it was the Lords way of blessing us with them attending instead of Estella.... at 2:47 p.m almost 50 minutes into church, Hermana Fabri bumped my arm, and I looked at the door again and saw little Estella standing in the big chapel doorway holding her brown purse with two hands.. I JUMPED UP AND FUMBLED over all my bags and Hermana Fabri!  We got up and walked around the congregation to bring her to sit with us and Adriana... I don't think I have ever been so happy! Gabriel, Adriana and Estella have such a big place in my heart because I have been able to see their progress since the moment I have contacted them with my past companions. I knew that the Lord was really manifesting His love for me, well He always does, but I  really recognized it in this minute... and if there was ever a perfect Sunday (with lessons and members) in the history of Sundays it was today for our investigators because each lesson in the three hours was written that day for them.. I Love my God and Savior. I love the gospel. I know this work is perfect.. Missionaries aren't, but the missionary work is, because it is the work of a perfect God and everyday those imperfect missionaries are being molded into better and better disciples of Christ.

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