Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Valentines Every One!!

      Hermana Bergeson has a new companion,  Hermana Riveria.

She is a beautiful sister from Mexico. She has served with Brynn before and she loves her. Hermana Bustamante will hold a special place in Brynn's heart forever!
It's February!

The joys of serving  a mission!

Spending a day at the temple with their new convert!

A day in La Molina
A wonderful day at the Lima temple
While at the Temple waiting for others to get out of the temple Hermana Bergeson and Hermana Bustamante took a little nap in the shade on the lawn. Hermana Bergeson picked up a little visitor! Look close you will see a snail in her hair!! They both had a good laugh over this one!!

I love the graffiti walls here, there are so many talented people! 
The walls are cooler in Lima East.. this is near the temple.

It must be January 10th!

Hermana Bergeson has been serving in
Peru Lima East for 10 months!!

Well once again Mom has some catching up to do!! 

Happy New Year!!

Every one wears yellow on New Years Day. Yellow everywhere, so of course they had to wear yellow too! (It's in their skirts!)

This is a Moto. They ride them only when they don't have time to walk in the area.
They cost 2-3 solas